Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Welcome Invitation

Usually when I receive an invitation to join yet another Facebook group my reaction is "ho hum not another group"!

Yesterday as I was travelling on the train to the city an invitation came through that brightened my day. It was from Jen Coates who has set up a FB group just for Australian Local and Family History Bloggers. What a fab idea at a time when several of my blogging mates are taking a sabbatical from blogging, we all need a little encouragement and support to keep going. As one member of the new group has said " I need some motivation to blog more often and this may help. I got out of the habit of blogging regularly a few years when I was studying and have not managed to get myself back into it to the same extent."

As I was travelling into town I added some of my mates to the group and on the way home added a few more but I didn't know how to send invitations to the many bloggers I know via Google+ and other social media channels. It's pleasing to see the way that the members of the new group have embraced the concept and it would be great to see membership grow.

Jen describes the group "I have had something like this in mind for a while as there seemed to be no place to discuss issues that were common only to history web writers. 
I would be very happy for everyone to introduce themselves once but I don't see this page as promotional as this would merely double up on the multiple avenues already available and we would be preaching to the converted!
I see this page as a resource for creative history writers."

If you fit the above criteria and would like to join the group you could try clicking on this link and seeing if it gives you an option to request membership.

Hope to see you in the group soon.

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