Monday, November 16, 2015

A New Title in My Genealibrary

As I was doing the Christmas shopping I spotted a book about Australian rock band, Powderfinger. I considered buying it for my son who is a fan of the band but I bought it for my Genealibrary. The book's RRP is $AU45 and I would probably have passed it by at that price. It was on sale at QBD Books for $AU14.95, a more palatable price.

ISBN: 9780733628825
Are you wondering why I bought this for my Genealibrary

Not long ago we discovered from a newly found elderly cousin that Mr GeniAus is related to band member,  Darren Middleton. My genealogy software tells me that Darren is Mr GeniAus' second cousin once removed. They are descended from John James Ball and Emily Royds.

This book has a chapter about Darren that contains plenty of information about his life.... true Geneagold!

You can see why I just had to buy it.

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