Friday, November 13, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 13 November 2015

As I've a busy day ahead of me tomorrow I'm preparing this post ahead of time. There was quite a collection of Remembrance Day posts this week. I had int4ended to prepare a second GAGs list of these but time has caught up with me. I hope you enjoy the following selections.

1. I love travelling vicariously with my Genimates. I enjoyed Shauna's journey.

3. And so say all of us.

4. Cured,Relieved, Died  in Wagga Wagga

5. Ideas for Movember

6. Jennifer is amused.

7. Carmel demonstrates how two favourite tools can work together.

8. Sharon reports on a progressive cemetery

9. Diane helped organise a magnificent family reunion.

10. Via poses many questions

11.Pauleen has been busy relocating and settling into her new environment. It's great to see her return to blogging with such a comprehensive post.

12. I bet the people at Cairns FHS are feeling super satisfied.

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