Thursday, March 26, 2015

Your Official Blogging Team

Although we are in regular contact on various social media channels your Official #AFFHO Congress Bloggers rarely meet in person as we live in three distant corners of Australia.  So when we meet up "in the flesh" there is lots of excitement.

Shauna, Jill and Pauleen proudly wearing our blogger beads
If you are at Congress and you see one of us please say G'day  ....  and if you want to know about geneablogging ask one of the 30 bead wearing bloggers at Congress all about it.

And don't forget to keep visiting the Compilations of Blog Posts from Congress at where you'll find link sto as many blog posts as I can find from Congress 2015.

1 comment:

Chez said...

Fantastic Blogger Team....Love the beads!


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