Friday, March 27, 2015

Will I manage three more days?

It was a huge day at #AFFHO Congress today so I wasn't too upset when one of the people I had planned to have dinner with suggested we shelve our plans.  I was rather exhausted after a big day of learning and socialising so was pleased to share a nice dinner for two with Mr GeniAus who I have bee ignoring all day (and will be for the next three).

It's 9:00pm and I still need to modify a presentation for Speakers' Corner tomorrow morning.

As is my custom at these events my blog posts consist of lots of photos and little text because I just don't have time or the energy to write long essays.

Seated bright and early
A welcome from HAGSOC President Rosemary
FGS President Josh Taylor adds his welcome

Matt Trinca and Fans after his Opening Address
A Purple Patch Person
Thanks Trove for my New I Love Trove Badge

New mates at mormo
Perry and Pauleen were probably discssing their Irish ancestors
Freshly beaded geneabloggers
Ready for David Holman's Luncheon talk
David's Luncheon talk was great fun
I was privileged to chair David Rencher's Familysearch Session
I retired my camera after David's session. The last talk I attended was a humorous "Dead Horse" talk by Colleen Fitzpatrick. While it was a great talk I was kicking myself as I realise I had heard Colleen present this same talk at another time and I should have read the description more closely and chosen something else.

I must commend Kerry Farmer's excellent talk on DNA. I was the third time I have heard Kerrie present on this topic and  I could listen again and again. Kerrie is a profession, polished and knowledgeable speaker.

Because I am an inquisitive old bird I went to The Menzies Theatre to observe the Annual General Meeting of #AFFHO. There were no surprises there.

I do, however, want to congratulate retiring #AFFHO President and Conference Convenor, Kerrie Gray on a very successful term. She has done a superb job.


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Yes indeed Jill, it was a huge day and with a talk tomorrow I haven't even blogged.

I second your thanks to Kerrie and all her HAGSOC team for their hard work for Congress - it's a lot of work to put together a conference like this!

chez said...

I am really sorry to have missed this conference...especially seeing you got to hear Josh Taylor speak! I heard him in Parramatta a few years ago and could listen to him for hours....and now I know what evernote is....I would love to pick his brain! LOL :)


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