Monday, March 16, 2015

And Now there are Seven

With a team of eleven grandchildren I receive, as the family historian, requests from time to time to provide information on ancestors, family heirlooms, the olden days etc. Last year I was invited into one of the grandson's classrooms to speak aboout Family history, that was so much fun.

This morning's request is for information on our Gowans' grandfather clock.  As it is several months since I wrote about Mr GeniAus' quests to find clocks built by his ancestor James Gowans or "James the Clock" as he is affectionately known in family circles  I am updating the information I have on his clocks.

At the time of my last post we had only identified six clocks but several months ago we found  a seventh, that had a repeater movement, up for sale. Mr GeniAus signed up for the auction and submitted what we thought was a generous bid but the clock went for twice that amount. Mr GeniAus didn't feel inclined to spend a King's ransom to purchase that clock which brings the number of Gowans clocks we have found to seven.

So that my grandson can put together his story on James and his clocks I am collating a list of links to my previous posts:

On reviewing these posts I can see there is an omission, I can't seem to find a post about the clock we purchased in 2010.

Several months after purchase and with the help of Mr GeniAus' English cousin the clock arrived at our home in November 2010. It was a coincidence that the cousin was visiting us downunder at the time of the clock's delivery.

Surprise Packages
A Pretty Face
And a Handsome Case
We found a clock restorer who came and collected the clock and got it going for us, last year we sent the cabinet away to be refurbished. The clock which is proudly displayed in our living room is a constant reminder of our ancestry.

The Restorer installs our Clock
A Man and his Clock
The Face
Standing Proud


Alona Tester said...

Such a beautiful clock, but to know it has a family connection just make its value even more special.

Anonymous said...

The graphics around the clock dial are beautiful. So nice that you can collect something that is connected to your family history.

Crissouli said...

So wonderful to have this collection and connections.. I do like nice clocks also...

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

A very special heirloom acquired. It is certainly a pretty one.

Celia Lewis said...

Gorgeous clock, Jill. Congrats on finding more. Bidding is always an issue - one never knows how far it might go. What a special treasure for your family.


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