Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'll never be ready...

GeniAus' Pre-Congress prep is in full swing here, but I seem to have so much to do. All my mates on social media seem to be so organised while I am still trying to get my act together.

I spent today at the National Library, I didn't dig up any dirt on the ancestors but I managed to get through 18 publications that told me a lot about the history of the towns in New South Wales from whence they came. I was also able to add a little to my knowledge about my 3x great uncle Rev Michael Harrington Ryan. It was fun to have a lunch break with my friends Pauleen and Sharn and to meet a fellow UTP cruiser and a genie from Tasmania in the Library.

I have been in contact with the panelists for Monday's panel session and have submitted the powerpoint so that is under control (my nerves won't be). I have also been playing telephone tag with Ben from Ancestry all day as I may be doing a spot or two in the Speakers' Corner in the Exhibition Hall.

I finally managed to tame the Congress app and have set up my program on the app. I also downloaded the list of delegates onto my smartphone so that I can tick off those I meet. I need to modify some of Carmel's Evernote templates that I downloaded so they are ready for my notetaking during the Congress sessions.

I've added more entries to The Interests Database so that I have most of my ancestors' families covered. I also added an interest for the software package (Family HIstorian) that I use and an entry for my Curry in Australia Surname study. I don't hold out much hope for some of the things I've listed but I expect to be able to find some Curry connections.

How I will ever keep up with social media, visit all the stands and take in all the talks I have listed, chat with delegates plus host a hangout I don't know but I'll give it my best shot.

I predict that sleep deprivation is on the horizon but four days of fun and fulfilment will be my reward.

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Unknown said...

Enjoy, Jill... we look forward to hearing all the news! :)


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