Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland...

... crooned Bing Crosby when he visited Ireland in the 1960s.

I read an article, Has Australia forgotten its Irish Past?,  in The Brisbane Times this morning and that set me to reflecting on my Irish forbears, my ancestry is somewhere over 50% Irish (I wonder if my DNA results when I get them will agree).

As today is St Patrick's Day I am remembering my one and only trip Across the Sea to Ireland (in an Aer Lingus jet) in 2001. I remembr a lush green country, friendly people, helpful priests and welcoming distant cousins.

As Curry is my maiden name I had to pose in front of this street sign in Limerick 2001
Sadly the photos I have of that trip are few (one was selective when using film) and the quality is rather poor. 

Standing at the gate of my Great-Great Grandfather - Patrick Kealy's farm in Ballyfoyle Kilkenny 2001
Facilities for family history research have improved since 2001 but the quality of what I have on file for my Irish ancestors is still weak. As actions on this St Patrick's Day I will revisit my Irish research (not right this minute) and move a return trip to Ireland up a few rungs on my bucket list. 

I won't forget my Irish past.


Crissouli said...

That was one of the first songs my mother taught me, though her family were from Co Clare. I do have an Itish past and an Irish present, I look forward also to an Irish future..when I eventually get to Ireland.

GeniAus said...

It was my Uncle that used sing that song to me but my grandmother had a whole repetoire of irish songs and hymns that she sang to me.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Irosh songs, and hymns, were a huge part of growing up as were Irish priests and nuns. My grandfather was born in Ireland. I surely wouldn't have forgotten my Irish heritage but my family history research has revealed just how much Irish I have.Ive been lucky to have four (or is it five?) trips to Ireland and definitely at least one more to come!


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