Friday, March 13, 2015

The Gods were smiling on me

After a few connectivity dramas in the hour prior to last night's GeniAus' Hangout on Air the event went off without a hitch.

Thanks to those Generous Genies who joined me on the panel to discuss Congress 2015. Alex, Carmel, Fran, Jenny, Les and Pauleen you were fantastic panelists, I am sorry that I put you on the spot on a few occasions. Your contributions will be most useful to Congress attendees and those who cannot join us.

There were some excellent comments made in the video comments thread last night some of which I will add below in case you can't access the comments thread for the Hangout. These comments add value to the video content.

Carmel said "Meant to comment on air - if there is a time slot where there is not a session that is of particular interest to you, give yourself permission to take a break. Time may be better spent following up something learned or indeed going for a walk. :"

Fran said: "And here is the link to my post on the conference with some of the basics for first timers like me."

Sherie said "I think we need to do a blog post on what talks / speakers we are going to - it will be interesting to see what other people are attending & who is going to be at the talks I'm attending." Any takers?

I said: "People in the Hangout mentioned Carol Baxter - you may be interested in this interview I recorded with her last year"

Carmel said: "National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point is worth visiting"

Alex said: "National Film and Sound Archives were absolutely wonderful when I requested material from them last year. Of course you had to pay for it but it was very reasonable and a very quick service."

Please remember that the hashtag for Congress is #AFFHO

And finally here's the Hangout video:


TravelGenee said...

I know it can get repetitive however here goes again - I really enjoy your hangouts and learn great gems.

Alex Daw said...

What Fran said :) Yes Jill....thanks for bearing with a newbie to hangouts - I think they're great. Thanks for organising and directing with such great aplomb.


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