Friday, February 20, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 20 February 2015

In just a fortnight I have been there and back again and am slowly coming down to earth. I have managed to collate a new list of GeniAus' Gems for your consideration.

This week's list includes a few posts from libraries. It is pleasing to see libraries embracing geneablogging.

1. I am not including any individual posts about Rootstech in this week's list. As my number one inclusion today I direct you to an aggregation of  posts by the many geneabloggers who attended Rootstech compiled (and being added to daily) by my Genimate Randy Seaver. There is a ton of reading here including posts from the Aussie contingent at Rootstech.

Some of the Geneabloggers at Rootstech including Randy and GeniAus.
2. Please get behind Kylie and friends to save graves in South Australia

3. Lilian is spreading the word about family history.

4. Congrats to North Sydney Genealogy for including a guest post on their blog. A model other libraries and societies could follow.

6. Thanks to Campaspe Library for alerting me to this site.

9. This made me wonder if anything was named after an ancestor of mine.

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Kylie Willison said...

Thanks for the mention Jill :-) it all helps to spread the word.


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