Monday, February 9, 2015

Aussie and Commonwealth Cousins Dinner - Tuesday 10 February

The table is booked for 6:30pm, Tuesday 10 February. I will be in the Radisson foyer at 6:00 and will set off around 6:10pm if anyone cares to walk with me.

For those who can't recall the details I am reposting my earlier message. If you are in Salt Lake City for Rootstech and would like to join us for a pre-Rootstech get together please email me or hunt me down in the Family History Library tomorrow or the next day.

Aussies and Commonwealth Cousins at Rootstech

Following on the success of our dinner in 2013 I have invited a few Aussie friends plus Audrey Collins from the UK and NZ expat Roger Moffat to a pre Rootstech get together in Salt Lake City at The California Pizza Kitchen in The Gateway Center on Tuesday February 10  prior to Rootstech. We'll be there from 6:30pm (it gets cold at night in SLC) and will try to order by (The California Pizza Kitchen is still showing up as being in the Gateway Center but I will confirm this on my arrival in SLC and also warn them of an impending invasion.)

We members of the British Commonwealth are greatly outnumbered at Rootstech so it's nice to get to know a few people before the big event.  

I am hoping that our Commonwealth Cousins from Canada, the UK, South Africa and other Commonwealth nations who would like to meet up with people from downunder will drop in and say G'day.  If you are able to join us please drop me an email (or message me via the Rootstech App) so I can get an approximate idea of numbers.

The Gateway Center is just a brisk walk down from the Radisson Hotel and Family History Library or a couple of stops on the free Trax light rail. California Pizza Kitchen (which serves more than just pizza) is number 14 on the Gateway Mall Map below

Gateway Center Map
Directions from Radisson Hotel to California Pizza Kitchen

CPK's address is 
156 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
One Block South of the Delta Center
(801) 456-0075

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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Good woman to repost. I clipped to Evernote RT :) Now all I need is to get my bearings.


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