Saturday, February 14, 2015

Caitlin and The Camera - at Rootstech

As I was setting up for my Lost Cousins Downunder? talk at Rootstech this morning I looked around for someone to take a couple of happy snaps. I entrusted Caitilin with my camera knowing it was in good hands and I wasn't far wrong - she took 83 photos during my session. I have very few photos of myself in flight at a gig so I really appreciate Caitlin's contribution (and she tweeted all through my talk too).


It was great to have some supporters in the audience too. Thank you Fran and Hlary

Supporters: Fran, Caitie, Hilary
Here are some of Caitie's photos:

Add caption
His descendants went all over the place

This lady came all the way from Texas for my talk

Thank Heavens that's over.


Tanya Honey said...

Looks like fun Jill. Great photos by Caitie!

TravelGenee said...

We all learnt something too!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Congratulations Jill and so great to have the photos...well done Caitie too.


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