Sunday, February 22, 2015

Myrt's Mission Control Center

Like many of my readers I am a member of the DearMYRTLE Community on Google+ and a regular attendee (when the time is right) in her Google Hangouts on Air.

After the recent Rootstech Conference I was invited to an after party at Myrt's house just ouside Salt Lake City. Her gracious husband, Mr Myrt, took some of us on a tour of their house and showed  me Myrt's Study from which she broadcasts her regular hangouts.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to try out Myrt's recliner from which she often broadcasts.

GeniAus finds Myrt's recliner extremely comfortable

When my friend Alona aka Lonetester arrived at the party I showed her Myrt's study and encouraged her to try out Myrt's office chair.

I don't know how Alona felt but I felt just like Goldilocks, Myrt's chair was "just right".


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Love it Jill :) Mr and Mrs Myrt were so very hospitable!

TravelGenee said...

Loving the reminders of such a fun and educational trip to Rootstech. I got to see Cousin Russ at the controls when we were doing the Google hangout with Dear Myrtle.

Alona Tester said...

It was really something special to see Myrt's office, but to be able to sit in her chair as well - well, that blew me away!


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