Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Conference Ready - Attend to your blogs

It is so easy to nelgect your blogs when you are involved in conference activities.

One goes to conferences with every intention of blogging while there but when one gets swept up in the hype of conference activities and involved in discussions and socialising with old and new friends our blogs are neglected.

At events like Rootstech and The AFFHO Congress for my GeniAus blog I resort to blog posts with lots of images and little text. I am not going to let my blogging get in the way of  my conferencing activities. Another option is to post short vlog posts (if you can find a good enough gree connection to do so).

But what of my other genealogy related blogs?  I write a few posts in advance and schedule them for the time I am away (I do this when I take long holidays too). I don't go overboard but just plan a post per week to keep the blogs on people's radars.

Part of my travel plans always includes attending to my blogs. These last few days have found me busily writing and scheduling posts.


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Wise advice which I don't always manage - depends on overall priorities :(

Anonymous said...

If I could only get a few minutes from work, study, family and research to blog more. Unfortunately blogging is 5th on my list of trying to climb up my priorities ladder.


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