Saturday, January 3, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 2 January 2015

I had a little trouble keeping up wiht my blog reading while I was on my recent round world jaunt but now I am back home I have managed to get back into a routine. As much as I love reading what you all have to say I just had to devote my time to touristing when I had the opportunity.

To mark the New Year I have made a new badge for the GAGs.. I thank my old mate, Carmel Galvin who always has such beaut graphics on her posts and blogs. Carmel directed me to Canva where I have had enormous fun creating bits and bobs (with plenty more to come).

1.  Christmas at Millie Creek  A post from SAG President, Martyn Killion on his new blog.
2.  5th Blogiversary: Reflections and Goals: A thoughtful post from Pauleen Cass.
3.  Family Scans: ABC man James O'Brien finds some family treasures.
4.  What’s in a name? Bob’s your uncle and other curious expressions ; from the Oxfordwords blog.
5.  Becoming Prue: A painting of Jean Gaspard Weiss: Living in Europe has provided Prue with exciting opportunities.
6.  2014: What Are You Thankful For?: Alona's reflections
7.  A Suffolk Farmer:  A story from Bury St Edmunds - a beautiful town I visited on my recent holiday.
8.  Old dogs live on in our memory: I was flattered to be the inspiration for this post from Maria Northcote.
9.  New Year - New Look : a reminder from Jess that we need to update our blogs.
10. Fresh Starts: Sue Adams suggests we start with ourselves.
11. Tracking down my ancestors’ graves: Derek describes his excursion.
12. The American Queen: I have been thinking about doing this cruise - Diane has convinced me to add it to the bucket list.


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Thanks for "gagging" me Jill :)

Alex Daw said...

Hooray! GAGs is back...not that we begrudge you a holiday Jill...just that we missed you.

Prue said...

Thanks for gagging me too Jill!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the GAG, Jill. Just found some more interesting reading....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GAG, Jill! :)


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