Thursday, January 22, 2015

Getting Conference Ready - Directionless

I don't know what your sense of direction is like but mine is punk especially when in the Northern Hemisphere.

I am off to Salt Lake City soon for Rootstech, it's a place where the sun can shine brightly but sometimes it is dull and one can't see the sun.People often give directions using the points of the compass, North, South East and West. This can cause issues for disoriented people from the Southern Hemisphere like me.

At our Society Technology Group meeting lat week one of the members shared the Compass App on her iPhone. I was rather impressed so set off to find a similar app for my Android. I haven't decided which I will use but know that I will find my chosen one quite useful when trying to find my way around when on my travels.

Plenety of Apps to choose from in the Google Play Store


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I usually have a good sense of direction though perhaps SLC will challenge that. I read on their visitor centre that if you have the mountains on your right, you're heading north and if on your left you're going south. Does that help?

Sharon said...

I can walk out of a building in Melbourne and go the wrong way! I am hopeless here. However, when I get in the Northern Hemisphere I am fine, while my husband struggles!

Wish I was going too!

GeniAus said...

I need Pauleen's girl guiding skills.

Rosemary said...

My address will confuse you ... it's on S. 77th East Ave (must abbreviate the South and spell out the East in full for the PO to be able to code it properly. I'm not bringing up the subject of 9 digit zip codes.


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