Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting Conference Ready - Business Cards

As an Official Blogger for the AFFHO Congress 2015 and a Rootstech Ambassador I will, over the next few weeks, post some tips that may help conference attendees.

I reported in 2012 why I thought it was necessary to get a Genealogy Business Card (even though I am a rank amateur). I have found the decision to order those cards was an excellent one and I have certainly got my $22.75 of value for those I ordered online from Vistaprint. It is so handy to be able to share one's details with people one meets at geneavents if one has a card.

Some of my contact details have changed, a blog has gone dormant and some new blogs have been born so I need to update my card. This time I will not order 500 cards but go for the more modest minimum order of 250 as I will probably want to update again before I use them all. My cost for this today is less than $20 but, as Vistaprint has many specials, this could be more or less tomorrow. Signing up for Vistaprint's emails will inform you of their specials.

Not content with just my GeniAus card I also have created cards to promote my GeniAus' Hangouts on Air. If you have something you wish to promote, for instance a One-Name-Study, you might consider creating a card for that too.

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