Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Tables have Turned

I can confirm that with constant exposure to a family historian and family history research one can catch the Geneabug. 

After traipsing around various ancestral towns and cemeteries and spending quite a deal of time as my Geneassistant over the past fifteen years or so Mr GeniAus has caught the bug. He's got it bad. When we were on our recent cruise and he had some time on our hands he decided that he would use my research to write up his family history.

I gave him a narrative report from my Family Historian software, put a swag of documents on a Hard Drive for him and with access to our family website  he was off and running. Since Christmas I have spent quite a deal of time helping him flesh out his document with images and further information. His document is now up to 71 pages and that's all my fault because I keep making suggestions on extra things to add.

I have to admit that I am not the most patient of people. In a former life Mr GeniAus was CEO of a large organisation and had a large team of people at this beck and call. Sadly this is not the case in retirement and I am spread rather thin answering questions and providing details.

There are some positives. This has forced me to look back at some research that was done many moons ago. It has sent me scurrying to find copies of documents and references and to correct errors Mr GeniAus has found, I have updated the gedcom on our family site each day this week.  Mr GeniAus appreciates my efforts over many years and he has become enthusiastic about his family history. I will be able to use some of his stories as posts for this blog. These are some pretty good outcomes.

One can teach an old dog new tricks.


Alona Tester said...

Nice work Jill. It proves that there is hope to convert non-genies afterall.

And congrats to Mr GeniAus on getting stuck into writing up the family history. Well done.

Kerryn Taylor said...

You two will make a great geneateam

GeniAus said...

Geneateam - great word Kerryn. You can guesz where it's headed.

Sharon said...

That made me smile Jill. Somehow, I do not like my chances in converting my husband or even the kids! But never say never!

Congratulations Mr GeniAus, you now have a hobby forever! You will never be bored!

Maria said...

Sounds like a great way to retire! What a team.


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