Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trove Tuesday - War Memorial Hospital

I was born at The War Memorial Hospital, Waverley, NSW. It was a popular Eastern Suburbs Maternity Hospital in the 1940s and 1950s; many of my friends and aquaintances were born there. It was still operating as a maternity hospital when some of my friends were having babies in the 1970s but by the time my father was elderly in the 1990s it was a rehabiltation hospital and a place where the elderly could spend a few weeks to give respite to their at home carers.

I was hoping that I could find something about the history of my birthplace on Trove and was excited to find a link to an online book at the National Library

Sadly, when I selected the View Online option on the record I got this message "Item not found
The item you have requested is not currently available online or does not exist."

I did find mention of another book "To minister : the story of War Memorial Hospital, Waverley, 1918-1988 /​ Betty Green" with links to the twelve libraries that hold it some of which are in Sydney.

As I lived and worked in Waverley for quite a number of years I thought it would be nice to own this book so I have purchased a copy from Abe Books that I hope will appear on my doorstep some time this week.


luckyllama said...

Hi Jill,

I just came across this post. I had my tonsils removed at this hospital when I was 5 years old. The anaesthetic was ether, delivered by giving me a teddy bear to hold. remember it vividly, being given ice cream and jelly to eat. Last time I was in Sydney I saw it as we were driving past. Even though its purpose has changed, I am glad the building is still there.

Thanks for the memories


GeniAus said...

Great stuff, Linda. It's a beautiful building.

Unknown said...

Hi Jill, I just came across your post. I was born at Waverley Hospital in June 1973. I was then put up for adoption. I know it's a long shot but does the name Nan Waring, ring any bells to you? She was 19 and training to be a nurse at the time. 5'4" brown hair, that's about all I know. Love to hear from you...Regards Kate.

Joan said...

Hi Jill, I was also born at Waverly War Memorial Hospital in JUNE 1930. Later I had appendectomy, aged 10. It was a lovely hospital. I found this site while researching Bondi in the thirties.

Unknown said...

I was born there april 1957

Anonymous said...

I was born at War Memorial in November of '52, had my tonsils removed there at age 6. My late father knew the Vickery family before they donated their home to become the hospital. Have returned there a few times when my father was there for Respite, and my mother for rehab. Memories!


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