Monday, September 24, 2012

Evernote - The Presenter's Pal

I have previously written how I use both Evernote and Google Docs in an effort to be an organised genealogist. As I add to my repertoire of topics for my speaking engagements I am finding that  Evernote  is the perfect tool for gathering articles, book titles, websites, cartoons and images around the topics I am or may be preparing.

Although I have been using Evernote for this purpose for a while I only realised the value of this practice when I was speaking to Alan Phillips from Unlock the Past last week. We were chatting about the topics for my talks on the 3rd Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Cruise in February next year when Alan said "Are you right to talk about xxx?"  I replied "Yes, since we mooted that topic I have been gathering resources in  Evernote  so, if you need me to speak on it I can put together a presentation."  Similarly when I submitted some proposals for Rootstech 2013 I made a concerted effort to collect resources around those topics.

If you, like me, read lots of articles each day you will find that Evernote provides a great means of organising your stuff for easy retrieval. You will always be prepared when you get an invitation to share your knowledge with others.


pinkapple said...

Since our previous conversations about Evernote on here Jill Evernote has become my Delicious replacement and I am gradually adding bookmarks from Delicious over there too. But I agree it is sooooo useful for gathering resources for specific issues as you come across them. My travel "notebook" is filling up very nicely and can easily be searched via the tabs i add as I save each new clipping!
Thanks for getting the ball rolling

Unknown said...

Don't you just love it! I have been using Evernote that way from the start. In fact I now have over 900 notebooks and about 350 of those are on presentation topics, backgrounds and ideas.


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