Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm on a winner with Family Historian

I received this press release by email this morning. I am not into publishing Press Releases  that are going to appear on lots of blogs, This one is important to me as it further validates my decision to move to Family Historian software from Calico Pie.

I am pleased that developer, Simon Orde, has made this move as it ensures that we, Family Historian users, will have a product that meets shared international standards.


Calico Pie Limited leads the UK as a Founding Member of FHISO
London (United Kingdom) and Gilbert, AZ (USA) — September 23, 2012 — Calico Pie Limited and Family History Information Standards Organisation, Inc. (FHISO) announced today that Calico Pie has finalised its plans to become a founding member of the organisation. As part of this process, Calico Pie has designated its founder, Simon Orde, to be an organisational member representative. Simon will participate with other FHISO members from the global genealogical community in the development of standards for the digital representation and sharing of family history and genealogical information.
“Open standards make possible products and applications that even the creators of the standards themselves could never have imagined. Family Historian was built around one standard GEDCOM that has been hugely important for genealogy.  We look forward to the opportunities and possibilities that future standards will bring. The emergence of FHISO is exactly what the genealogy world needs, and we are delighted and excited to be part of it”, said Calico Pie’s managing director, Simon Orde.
“Developing international standards requires a supporting network of vendors and users that extends across the globe. Thanks to the leadership of Calico Pie and Simon Orde, our world community became better connected today in a big way. This announcement is good news forFamily Historian users and genealogists everywhere”, said FHISO Organiser, Tony Proctor (UK and Ireland).
Simon Orde founded London-based Calico Pie Limited in 1995. Its award-winning product, Family Historian, is the United Kingdom's leading genealogy software program. Ease of use, integrated visuals and graphics, emphasis on getting the most out of the data and bringing a balance to pre-configured and user-customisable features are just some of the goals and philosophy behind the development effort. In January 2012, Family Historian 4 was honored with the “Best Buy” award from Which? Computing. To learn more about Calico Pie and Family Historian or to take the latest release, Family Historian 5, on a test drive, visit the company website, http://www.family-historian.co.uk/.
FHISO is a standards-developing organisation bringing the international family history and genealogical community together in a transparent, self-governing forum for the purpose of developing information standards to solve today’s interoperability issues. To learn more about FHISO, visit http://fhiso.org/.
Please join us in welcoming Calico Pie and its founder, Simon Orde, to FHISO!

Calico Pie / Family Historian, info@family-historian.co.uk
FHISO General Enquiries, enquiries@fhiso.org; Membership enquiries, membership@fhiso.org; FHISO MediaRelations, Anthony C. Proctor(acproctor@fhiso.org)

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