Monday, September 24, 2012

Orange is not my colour

The Exciting news that I foreshadowed a few days ago is that I have been invited to be an Official Blogger for Rootstech 2013.

As this is a great honour in the geneablogging world I RSVP'd without haste. Having booked my aeroplane ride to the US and a post Rootstech recovery cruise several months ago I have been committed to attend for some time. Actually I was committed when Mr Geniaus (a supportive non-genealogist) who travelled with me to Rootstech this year commented just after the Conference "We'll do ...... when we come next year".

You see Mr Geniaus, who has no interest in research but loves family stories, was able to appreciate the value of this conference to a little old Australian Granny who loves technology and genealogy. Although research is not his thing he was infused with the excitement that is part of this event. He enjoyed meeting some of my online geneapals like Thomas MacEntee, Footnote Maven, Audrey Collins, Amy Coffin, Banai Feldstein, James Tanner, Randy Seaver, Dear Myrtle and Lisa Alzo and was able to see why I enjoyed meeting up with them in person. He realised that they are not a bunch of weirdos but a passionate and intelligent  group of enthusiasts with a shared interest. In other words he approved.

I am excited, as the Antipodean Official Blogger, that a couple of my Australian Genimates will be travelling to Rootstech for the first time next year and I know of two others who have applied for financial support to attend. I look forward to introducing members of the Aussie contingent to my mates in Salt Lake City. I will try to report on the conference happenings for those who can't make the journey although, once the proceedings get underway, these posts may just consist of photos snapped along the way.

I believe that there will be a big update to the Rootstech site in the next day or so (I am timezone challenged so am not sure exactly when this will occur) and that earlybird registrations will then open. So please watch the Rootstech site.  As it is already the 24th September in Australia (when I am allowed to share the news) I will schedule this post for early morning Salt Lake City time.

Thanks also to the Rootstech organisers for offering Official Blogger Badges in a range of colours other than Orange.


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Congratulations Jill! A well deserved honour, and I'm glad you don't have to go with orange ;-) We're all looking forward to your updates as in previous years.

GeniAus said...

Thanks Pauleen. I am rather chuffed - love having an opportunity to highlight Australia to the world.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Would love to see you there in person. Perhaps I'll get there one day.

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

1. Congratulations on the Official Blogger designation. A very fine choice on their part.

2. I also love the color choices! I was so excited to see blue, bit I think green goes well on my blog, too.

3. Thank you for the mention in your post. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Geniaus, too. He's good company!

4. I'm so glad some of your fellow Auusie Genimates are coming. New friends!

Kerryn Taylor said...

Congratulations Jill! I look forward to reading about it all


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