Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet – T is for … Ten

The obvious choice for this T post would be Trove from the National Library of Australia but I'll leave that to someone else. In a blog post yesterday James Tanner spoke about "My top ten, can't miss, websites"; and that gave me an idea for a post. I am going to highlight my Top Ten Tools for Genealogy in alphabetical order (library training reigns).

Blogger  Although I have toyed with moving over to Wordpress I find that, although it annoys me sometimes, Blogger continues to serve me well as a blogging platform that enables me to reach out to other genealogists. 

Chrome Presently my browser of choice I love Chrome because it works so well with the other Google products I use and has a fabulous collection of addons that I access from my toolbar to make my browsing experience efficient and painless.

Evernote My previous posts tell my Evernote story: Family History Through the Alphabet – E is for …Evernote, Evernote - the presenter's pal, Google Docs and Evernote

Family Historian I took a great leap of faith when I ditched my genealogy database package in favour of Family Historian. Some of my posts describe the process: Family Historian Progress, I'm on a winner with Family Historian

Familysearch As well as providing online access to many genealogical records Familysearch also publishes some useful blogs (I love Tech Tips) and the Familysearch Wiki. I have been fortunate to have early access to the new Familysearch Family Tree which is one of the most exciting initiatives for family historians in a long time.

Google Docs, I use this package daily as my Office suite and love that I can access my documents easily from all of my devices or public computers. Here is how I use it for genealogy: Google Docs and Evernote

Google+ My social network of choice where I can organise  my contacts easily into interest groups and target my posts to those who have similar interests. I have a huge circle of genealogy contacts here.

Picasa Google's free photo management tool that I use everyday to organise, edit retrieve and share my photos. It copes with my 90,000 superbly (and doesn't crash). 

Trove Our nation's treasure from the National Library of Australia has to be on my list. This site is the best thing since sliced bread.

Twitter Although I don't use Twitter as much as I did before Google+ arrived on the scene I think Twitter is the best tool for sharing news and ideas from conferences and events. By following designated hashtags from events I can vicariously attend the event or, if I am there, can contribute to such an experience for others in the Twitterverse.

As James said in his post "So there you have the top ten for today. Of course, I may change my mind anytime."


Gould Genealogy said...

It's a good list Jill. And it's making me think about my own 'top ten'.

Fi said...

It certainly is a good list, Jill. I'm an 8 out of 10!

Judy Webster said...

Like Fiona, I score 8 out of 10. I don't use Google Docs (yet), and my genealogy programme is The Master Genealogist, but I like the other eight on your list. I am also a big fan of Treepad.


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