Friday, September 21, 2012

Family Historian User Group

There is something special about learning and solving problems together.

I have spent the last two hours in a room at Wyong Family History Group learning more about my genealogy software package, Family Historian,  under the tutelage of enthusiast, John Owen. Each month John prepares a lesson on one of the features or functions of the package.

I am now blogging on the train home!

What I like about these sessions is that John demonstrates and then encourages us to practise our new skills on our own databases and laptops that we have with us  for the session. John is always willing to answer our questions on a needs basis. This makes for effective learning.

Today we learnt about Named Lists and Flags. While I had an understanding of Flags the Named Lists feature was a revelation to me. Having someone demonstrate practical applications of the feature has shown me enormous possibilities for its use. My first task is to replace my Google Spreadsheet research tasks list with named lists in  Family Historian . As well as saving me many keystrokes it will mean that I can consolidate my work in one place.

Each month when I visit Wyong and learn some more my decision to  move to  Family Historian  software is once again validated.

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