Friday, July 6, 2012

SAG - Birthday Largesse

I should belong to Geneaholics Anonymous as I have a compulsion for attending genealogy events which I justify as essential for my CGD.

I attend a number of free and low-cost events in and around Sydney at local libraries and genealogy societies. I do not attend many events at SAG (The Society of Australian Genealogists) as the costs of attending these combined with paying for parking (I have a mobility issue so public transport is out) chews up my genealogy budget quickly. Many of the presenters who speak at  SAG  do so at other venues at a lesser cost and with more convenient and economical parking options.

In the latest issue of SAG-E (The Society's enewsletter) I noted that there would be some free events to celebrate Society's 80th birthday in August. I have now registered for the free (to members) SAG 80th Anniversary Seminar  at State Records at Kingswood where there is free parking adjacent to the venue.

On certain days during August members are also invited to bring a friend along to use the facilities of the Societies library at no cost. 

I congratulate SAG on these initiatives.Some family historians indicate that they don't belong to SAG because they do not get value for their membership dollar, so it is pleasing to see the Society reaching out to members by hosting free events and offering non-members an opportunity to use its valuable resource collection. They may even attract some new members!

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