Saturday, July 7, 2012

For those with Convict Connections

Like many fellow Australians I have some ancestors who earned a free passage to Australia. In fact I have 13 convict ancestors. 

I acquired this newsletter "Convict Connections" at the recent Unlock the Past Queensland Expo. It was not until yesterday that I had a chance to open it and peruse the articles inside; I was pleasantly surprised. This publication does not appear to have a  Queensland bias; this issue includes articles about The Parramatta Female Factory, The Napoleonic Wars, Moreton Bay Convicts, Politics behind the Rum Rebellion and Some Interesting Facts about Transported Women.

Published three times a year  in February, June and October the annual subscription is $15 (including postage)

The Group responsible for this publication and the Convict Connections website  " is an Interest Group operating within the Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc. ( The group was formed several years ago to bring together members who are researching their convict and early colonial past. With this common interest we are able to assist one another as we endeavour to discover more about our early Australian ancestry – and beyond."


Anonymous said...

Drat!!! I am becoming somewhat jealous of those whom are able to claim convict ancestry. Being a South Australian, the only convicts likely to be part of my ancestry are those who managed/ chose to skip across the border. Despite searching under every leaf and twig, none have shown up on my family tree, to date ... but I live in hope. Cheers, Catherine.

Convict Connections GSQ said...

So pleased you enjoyed our newsletter. We try to have a Newsletter full of interesting articles relating to the early days of the colonies.Convicts came to Moreton Bay but that was before the state of Queensland existed.
It is very difficult to get across that although we might live in Queensland our interests are primarily Colonial Australia. Thanks again


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