Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's never too late to comment

It appears that my Genimate from the Northern Territory, Pauleen Cass of Cassmob and I are on the same wavelength tonight.

When I don't have time to comment on or even read a blog post I "Star" it in my RSS reader for later attention. Tonight I have been going back through a couple of months of starred posts, rereading them and adding comments to some. I hope the writers appreciate that, in the busyness of life, one cannot  always read or comment on a blog post immediately.

I know that I always get a buzz when I receive a comment whether it is on the day the post was published or some time down the track. Tonight I was pleased to receive a couple of comments from Pauleen on a post that was a couple of weeks old.

Don't be shy - if you come across an old blog post with content that strikes a chord with you say so in a blog comment. 


Fi said...

Excellent post! It is nice to hear from readers but I agree, time does not always make it possible. I like the idea of 'starring' posts in google reader to act as a reminder when more time is available.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Totally agree Jill. Well worth comments whenever they come, either as a reader or blogger. I use stars, too, to follow up on things I don't want to forget.


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