Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fishing Trip

There wasn't a drop of water in sight when I went on a very pleasant fishing trip today. 

After the meeting of the Hawkesbury Family History Group (and that's another fab story) I went down to the Hawkesbury Library carpark and was able to score one of the 4 hour parking spots so I moved the Bambino and went back to the library to do some fishing.

What this library has is a great collection of BOOKS, not just about the Hawkesbury Region but about genealogy in New South Wales. These books are in a light and airy section of the library and are organised according to Dewey (which makes this old librarian feel immediately comfortable). Michelle Nichols, The Local Studies Librarian at Hawkesbury is to be congratulated on the breadth and quality of the collection.

 As this was an unplanned visit I embarked on little fishing trip. I browsed the shelves book by book. I  even found a few books pertinent to my family research that are not in the collection of the National Library of Australia (Legal Deposit not working?).
Local Studies Area - Hawkesbury Library
Local Studies Area - Hawkesbury Library
This trip resulted in a very tasty haul as I found mentions of direct ancestors and distant family members in some of the books in the collection. I found two titles that I must own - so now the search is on for these books. I'll be returning to Hawkesbury for another fishing trip.
I'd love to own this book

 Whilst it is not good genealogical research practice to go on aimless fishing trips they can prove to be quite fruitful.


luckyllama said...

Great find Jill! I have never found legal deposit to work very well, so knowing the smaller libraries that hold these items is great

Tanya Honey said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful place to spend a few hours. We have nothing resembling that here on the Far North Coast and I feel that it may be my mission in life to change that!


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