Sunday, July 15, 2012

Learning from Legacy

Tuning in to last week's Legacy Family Tree webinar with Claire Brisson-Banks provided me with a wonderful opportunity for CGD.

As one of the several million Australians who has ancestors from the British Isles I was keen to take part in this webinar "The Quest for Your English Ancestors" that was held last Wednesday evening in the US. It was therefore available at the convenient time of 11:00 am for Sydneysiders like me. Most of the Legacy webinars are held in the early afternoon in the US which is in the wee small hours of the morning in Australia (not nice on chilly winter mornings). 

I was interested to hear Claire present as I met her at Rootstech in 2011 and 2012. She did not disappoint. Although I knew most of the things that were mentioned in the webinar it provided me with a wonderful refresher and a great scaffold for organising all of the English knowledge floating around in my head plus I learnt a couple of new things.  I loved Claire's brisk pace; she did not waffle on but presented as much matter as she could in the time available. 

This webinar is a fantastic resource for anyone new to English research. I would commend you to watch the online recording that is available on the Legacy site until  23rd July. A benefit of watching the recording is that one can stop and start it to take notes.    

Make sure you watch the webinar right to the end so you can catch Claire's "Final thought".

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Sharon said...

Thanks for this reminder. I have listened to many of these in the past but have forgotten about them recently.


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