Thursday, July 19, 2012

Car service

What does one do for the five hours it takes for one's Bambino to have her checkup?

The problem with owning a special little car is that, even in a big city like Sydney, there are only a couple of Fiat service centres and they are nowhere near my home. As I didn't feel like spending 5-6 hours in the well-appointed service centre customer lounge I took the option of their shuttle transfer to Chatswood.

What does any self-respecting genealogist do? Head for the local library of course. I am feeling a little like a rabbit down a burrow as I sit in this new facility that is part of Willoughby City's new Concourse development. To access the library I climbed up a set of stairs from the street to a foyer. Once there I was faced with another long set of stairs or an elevator to go down to the library on the lower ground level. I wonder if there is direct access from the street?

I came across a sale of discarded library books in progress in the library foyer where I was able to pick up a travel guide (only 5 years old) to Warsaw for just $2. I need to read a bit about this city before my visit later in the year. This was a good start for my visit.
Looking up through the atrium
The library is basically a large rectangle built around an atrium (described as a light and water court on the Council site)  that allows natural light to filter in to the lower ground location. The ceilings in this 5000m2 building are high so the area feels more than spacious; as there is plenty of room for planned growth the space seems cavernous and empty from where I am sitting. 

It's a clean library

Young adult and reference sections

As I entered the foyer the library appeared to be buzzing with activity, I could hear children's noise, there were people reading newspapers at large tables, people browsing the shelves and using the  computer terminals. As well as bookable study/seminar rooms there is a variety of seating options available from beanbags and couches to hard plastic chairs, one of which is cutting into my thighs.

Foreground - Signage, Background - Hard chairs
Comfy seating and Seminar Rooms

Local Studies Area

The library's website tells me that there is a local studies section but I did not find it on my first circuit of the facilities,  I haven't spotted too much signage around the library or any maps of the facility but these way be on the way. Just as I was making my way to the Local Studies area the service centre called to say my car was ready.  I had a squizz at the Local Studies area, sent out this quick tweet Feel like I am in an underground bunker in the Local Studies section of  Chatswood library "  then  hightailed it back to my little jalopy.

While it was a pleasant place to spend a few hours  this library hasn't got the WOW Factor.

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