Sunday, October 5, 2014


Before travelling overseas earlier this year I realised that I needed a portable hard drive with more than 2TB of storage. I thought that if there was one place on earth I could find such a beast it would be Bangkok.

Dragging Mr GeniAus along I went to the big technology mall, Pantip Plaza,  in Bangkok in search of a portable drive of 3 or 4TB but there was none to be found. One stallholder  said he could order me one in but that it would cost more than $AU1,000, my response was "Thanks but no thanks".

Since I arrived home from that trip in June I have made regular trips to local electronics stores to see if they had a such a drive, there were plenty of large bulky 4TB drives but no small ones that a little old lady like me could pop in her handbag and tote around the world, that is until two weeks ago. I did the rounds of my three fave stores and at the third I found on the shelves a Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB portable drive, a heavy but small answer to this old girl's prayers. Even though I didn't dance on the spot the young salesman appeared quite shocked that an old girl would get so excited,

As I had an overseas trip in the offing (and in Australia we can apply for a 10% tax rebate on goods purchased in the four weeks before we travel) I exercised restraint and didn't make a purchase on impulse. I retreated home, read some reviews and discovered that the device was over $AU100 cheaper at B&H in New York where I like to shop. As I needed wanted the drive before I travelled I realised that I would have to pay a premium (as we nearly always do in Australia).

As it is now less than four weeks until I take off on my next adventure I went to the shops on Friday and bought my new toy. I burnt the midnight oil  as I put all of my data, docs and photos onto the drive and then asked Picasa to index the photos and left the computer humming overnight. Now all is organised once more, it is so nice to have everything in one place once more. I'll have lots of space to store the happy snaps I take on holiday.

I wonder how long it will be before portable 8TB drives are on the market, I guess 1 Petabyte drives are just around the corner too.


Louis Kessler said...


So you "need" more than 2 TB of storage. If you just imagine how much that is, it's awe-inspiring. Even more amazing is how every person: you, me, almost everyone we know, can collect that much information.


Alex Daw said...

I can remember maybe ten or so years ago going down to the Gold Coast to a Visual FX house and being so impressed that they had 1 TB storage. Funny huh? Now you have way more than that on a portable drive. Crazy!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

As time goes we seem to need more and more data capacity, and we do need it all in one place!

GeniAus said...

The good news is that with everything in one place I have been able to delete quite a few duplicate files, go through my sorting folder, do some filing and generally get more organised.

Jennifer Shoer said...

Didn't know there was a 4TB option. Now I have hard drive envy. This is going on my wish list!


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