Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why Me?

Thanks to John Reid from Anglo-Celtic Connections for hosting a number of geneapolls throughout the year. I always take part in these and find the results and John's analyses most illuminating.

John also hosts The Annual Rockstar Genealogists Awards.  When I looked at John's post announcing the nominations I was surprised to find my name on the list and was pleased to see a fair representation of Australians there. I still don't know who nominated me but I am most grateful.

I was very excited for my mate Shauna Hicks yesterday when I read that she was the Silver Medalist for Australia and New Zealand on a list of international genealogy megastars.

I got an enormous surprise earlier today when John let me know that I was the Gold Medalist  for Australia and New Zealand. When I emailed my husband to tell him the news he replied "what an elite group"I was humbled, surprised and gobsmacked to find my face on the page with the others in this group. I realise that more than a a few people must have voted for me in the poll, thanks to each and every one of you for your support.

With our relatively small population base downunder it is difficult for Australians and New Zealanders to gain a large number of votes in international contests. I thank John for creating an Australian/NZ category and for including so many worthy Australians on the list of nominations.

You can see the list of the  the top ten Rockstar Genealogists from Australia/New Zealand on Anglo-Celtic Connections tomorrow.

Your support for genealogy in our country is truly appreciated, John.


Chris Paton said...

Congratulations Jill!

Julie Goucher said...

Congratulations Jill. Very well deserved. I have some reservations of awards and recommendations such as these, and this should not detract from the well deserved mention that both you and Chris Paton received.

Sadly, there are those who use these types of award to intimate that they are of a higher calling and this sends out the very wrong message.

However, recognition is well deserved for those who genuinely take part, promote and engage within the genealogical arena. So once again congratulations to both you and Chris Paton, very well & rightly deserved.

Celia Lewis said...

Congratulations, Jill!! I'm so pleased for you!

The names on John's lists are of people with humility, humour, knowledge, and a high level of willingness to share with others. The best! Cheers!!

Janelle Collins said...

Congratulations Jill! You totally deserve this award. You are an inspiration to so many of us bloggers.

Merron Riddiford said...

Congratulations Jill. Well deserved.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and super support.


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