Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Book of Me, Prompt 2 - Birth

This post is in response to Prompt 2 in The Book of Me, Written by You activity.

I was going to keep this post private but realised that I am not sharing anything too personal so am copying it to here from my personal blog.

The Prompt for Week 2 is Your birth

Do you have any baby photos?
I have a few baby photos, some appear to have been taken in the street by street photographers and some are candid shots taken on a camera like a box Brownie. I don't think anyone in my family owned camera so I imagine that photos were taken whenever camera owner appeared on the scene.

A street photo - probably the first photo taken of me. That's Mum on the left and Dad holding the precious bundle
From the look of the pretty dress I think this may have been taken at my baptism. I wonder what happened to that dress.

Where were you born?

Birth notice from Sydney Morning Herald
As my birth notice states I was born at The War Memorial Hospital in Waverley. I have previously blogged about this hospital that is now mainly a respite and rehabilitation hospital for the elderly.

Who was present at your birth?
Mum, a nurse and Dr Walter McGrath. Dr McGrath was our family doctor for quite a time. He has a library named after him.


Mum told me I was 6lb 6oz. I was probably short as I still am.

What day was it? Time?
I was born on a Thursday. Mum is a bit forgetful now so I can't get any further information. My dad was a bowerbird so I have the hospital bill for Mum's confinement.

Did you have hair? Eye colour

I had a mop of dark hair. My eyes ended up being blue. I don't know what they were like when I was born.

Are you a twin?

I was the one and only.


Lizzie said...

Love that Papa is holding you in the first pic. He looks so proud x

Jill Ball said...

Great to see a family member reading and responding to my post.

Kristin said...

What a beautiful gown for your Baptism.

Alex Daw said...

Those photos are just grand particularly the second one - just precious. Say hello to lovely Canberra for me. Wish I could be there to wear beads and join in the fun.

Nancy said...

It is a beautiful dress you're wearing, and how sweet that you were wearing a little bracelet!

Jill Ball said...

Thanks all for your comments. I bought a beautiful Christening gown not unlike the one in the photo that five of my grandchildren have worn. I hope my family preserve it for future generations.

my Heritage Happens said...

Beautiful photos! So glad you shared!

crgalvin said...

Cute pictures Jill, you've started me down the Family history path since retirement and my mum's death at age 101 a couple of months ago. Thanks for all you do and share, excellent ex TL sharing!!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Cute baby photos Jill.

I hope the christening gown you bought survives the generation. I had one for my children which remains unworn unto the next generation.


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