Friday, September 13, 2013

From the Mailbox: Lily and me

I received an email this morning that doesn't have anything to do with genealogists but my response will be of interest to genealogists who want to locate a resource in Australia.

Jessica wrote:

"HI, Do you know where i can get a copy of Lily and Me by Moses Aaron. I am desperate to read this book again.
Thank you, Jessica"
I sure do, Jessica. I did a Book search on Trove and found that there are 40 copies of the work in libraries around Australia.
So what did I do? I went to the Trove website,, and selected Books from the search options.

I was taken to the page below:

I then entered my search term "lily and me moses aaron"

I was rewarded with some results. I clicked on the hyperlink to Lily and me.

I discovered there were two versions of the work, a book and an audio book. I clicked on the hyperlink to the book's entry that had told me there are 40 copies of the book in Australian libraries.

I was rewarded with a list of libraries that hold a copy of the work, Hopefully Jessica will be able to access a copy from one of the libraries listed.

Trove acts as a Union Catalogue for many Australian public and academic libraries. If you are seeking a particular title a Trove search may help you find it.

The mention of Moses Aaron brought back memories from my time as a Teacher Librarian, Moses was a storyteller who visited schools to entertain children with his tales. I remember a tall, gentle Jewish chap who wore Jesus sandals and captivated his young audiences with his stories. An internet search retrieved this page with Moses' story, it's a great story of an Australian immigrant. So there is a bit of a genealogical twist to this post.


Anne Young said...

Hi. I agree Trove is a marvellous resource for finding books and I have used this feature :). It doesn't pick up many public libraries though.

We have recently moved to Victoria and I am thrilled that our local Ballarat library catalogue search allows you to extend your search to all public libraries in Victoria and to order books on inter-library loan.


Alex Daw said...

Hi Jill - that migration story is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Moses sounds such a lovely person - just like you!


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