Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trove Tuesday - Thanks and Praise

Trove just has to be the favourite online resource for Australian genies including me. There are times when we must leave the geneacaves in our homes, abandon Trove and venture out to use other resources.

As I was in Canberra today I paid a visit to the home of Trove, The National Library of Australia, where I spent some time in The Newspaper and Microform room looking at newspapers on microfilm and in other online databases offered on site at the library.

Newspaper and Microform Room at NLA
Snazzy new microfilm reader
Although the library has installed snazzy new computer driven microfilm readers since my last visit the process of going through reels of papers on microfilm is a tedious job. This exercise today made me realise just how wonderful Trove is. 

So for Trove Tuesday this week I am showering the Trove Team with thanks and praise.

The Trove Team pictured at The Family History Fair last week #NSWACT13


Crissouli said...

I don't comment often enough, Jill, but I read all your posts and they are appreciated. Today, I simply have to add my gratitude to TROVE staff... the whole concept is incredible, so far thinking, so wonderful that we have free access to all this information, and an absolute Godsend.
i would be very pleased if you would pass my comments on to them... Without them, I would have some facts, but no soul...

Sharon said...

Well said Jill. Yes thank you very much and well done to the Trove team. It is amazing the rate that newspapers are coming online. Even better that it remains a free resource!

Ramona said...

I agree, Trove is a great resource and is fascinating to read. My local library recently gave a talk about how to use Trove which was so useful.

Jill Ball said...

I will see if I get any further comments over the next few days and then let the Trove team know what you have all said here.


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