Sunday, September 29, 2013

Golden Rules

I was alerted by Julie Goucher on Google+ today to these Golden Rules from . I like the way it emphasizes sharing in numbers 9 and 10.

I liked the list so much that I have downloaded it here for my reference and for the interest of those who may not have seen it before.


Celia Lewis said...

Superb! I've saved it for sharing with my beginner students in genealogy.

Tracing Family Branches said...

Love it!

Lilian's Tree said...

thanks Jill, interesting, I loved #12, that is so true

Sharon said...

Yes I love it too. So true.

I do like to share my finds with family (which is why I blog) but hate it when it someone else puts my work on ancestry or their family tree as if they were the originator, without giving me credit.

Oh Well. At least the information is out there I suppose.


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