Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thanks to a Stranger

Aussie Rockstar
I was perusing the list of contenders for Rockstar Genealogist status on John D. Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog and found my name and those of some other Aussies on the list. I was surprised and delighted to see the land downunder represented.

John says that "Rockstar genealogists are those who give "must attend" presentations at family history conferences or as webinars. Who, when you see a new family history article or publication by that person, makes it a must buy. Who is it that you hang on their every word on a blog, podcast or newsgroup, or follow avidly on Facebook or Twitter?"

Was I surprised? You bet, my name is up there with some really big fish in the genealogy world. I want to thank whoever put my name on the list. I really appreciate the gesture.

Voting will start in the week following 8 September. Details will be posted on  Anglo-Celtic Connections.

1 comment:

Shauna Hicks said...

Thanks Jill for alerting us to this list - it's great to see so many Aussies on it. I love your techo talks the best as they always inspire me to try something new! Well done.


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