Friday, April 15, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 15 April 2016

Another week as a participant in the A-Z Blogging Challenge has flown by. I found some new blogs, some of which I may follow and some which I won't visit again. It is worth visiting the list of participants to see the range of ordinary and unusual blogging topics there.

A few of my selections this week come from the challenge and quite a few from libraries and institutions. 

1. Jayne deals with some rescued items.

2. Lazy posties?

3. PROV records are more accessible.

4. A find in Wagga Wagga.

5. A donation in Balmain.

6. And one in Western Australia.

7. A celebration in Queensland.

8. A trip down memory lane with Frankston.

9. And a book suggestion from Vicki (pleased it's positive I bought this one for a family member).

10. A beaut product for Genealogy Societies and Family History Grooups.

11. Some local stars swam at Drummoyne.

12. And here are three from the A-Z Challenge.


Congratulations to Merron Riddiford on 5 years of blogging. Merron is doing sterling service to her community by preserving local stories through her blog


crgalvin said...

Great range of topics as always, thanks Jill

Alex Daw said...

Love Your Brisbane: Past and Present. I should look at it more often than I do. Interesting about PRO being searchable on Trove. Tinycat! How excited am I? My blog now features a Tinycat search widget. Thank you too for the mention this week.

Merron Riddiford said...

Thank you Jill for the blogiversary wishes


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