Monday, April 11, 2016

So it's Siblings' Day...

As a lonely only I have no images of my own to share.

My parents, however were both from families of five so I have dug into the family archives to find some pics of their sibling groups.

From 1947 we have My Mum, her Dad and four Sisters. Mum, Elsie, the eldest of the girls is the sole surviving sibling.

L-R Kathleen, Eileen, Frank, Mary, Elsie and Lilian Duncan
Finding an early photo of my Dad and his siblings was more of a challenge. I found one taken with their mother at my wedding in 1970. Allan, the eldest child in the family is my Dad. I am now the oldest living person in the Curry clan.

L-R Kevin, Mary (nee Tierney), Allan, Kathleen, Mary and Thomas Curry
I was blessed to have so many loving Aunts and Uncles who spoilt me rotten.


Dianne said...

You must have had lots of cousins?
My Dad had 3 siblings and my Mom just one sister. I saw all my 12 girl cousins and one boy cousin saw at family gatherings at least a couple of times a year.

TravelGenee said...

It's love those photos taken in the streets. Shoes and dresses looking fab.

lindamaycurry said...

I come from a tiny family as my parents were both only children and so was I. So no cousins, no aunts or uncles but I had a great uncle who lived with us. He was my grandmother's brother. I keep telling my two children how lucky they are to have each other. My daughter's children have three cousins around their age from her husband's side of the family. My husband also grew up wth heaps of cousins. He said holidays were fun as they all played together at Bonnell's Bay on Lake Macquarie. Having a sibling is a privilege but I see so many who can't get along.


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