Friday, April 29, 2016

An Inviting Email

My current state could be described as "bubbling over with enthusiasm". 

A few nights ago I received an email inviting me to take on another volunteering opportunity. It is the sort of volunteering role for which one doesn't volunteer but to which one is invited. I was tickled pink to be asked to take on this role through which I can contribute to genealogical education in Australia.

After an appropriate cooling off period of 12 hours I enthusiastically accepted the role which will see me working with an experienced team of genies.

I'm not sure when I can tell you what I'm doing but I can tell that this old girl is looking forward to her new 'job'.


Alex Daw said...

Hoorah! Well done you. That's great news.

Caitie G said...

Awesome! Looking forward to finding out more about it.

Jennifer Jones said...

Looking forward to hearing more. Sounds exciting

Caristiona said...

Congratulations, that is wonderful. Also looking forward to hearing more about it and guessing just in case I am correct. ;-)


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