Saturday, April 9, 2016

School Holiday Fun...

...or the way to a grandmother's heart.

Eight year old grandson interrogating my family history website yesterday. He even found an error.

We followed this up with an inspection of Great-Grandpa's military medals

Then later when Grandson was scavenging in a coat cupboard he found his 4x Great-Grandfather's shillalegh which we were able to relate to the Irish side of the family previously found on the family website.


jennyalogy said...

Makes all the babysitting worthwhile

Crissouli said...

Wonderful to see. Lovely to start them young. I hope you corrected your error.

My two grandchildren used to wander around the house looking at photographs. The youngest would get very excited, pointing to each one, saying...'that's my family', collecting them all. It only fazed him once, when he pointed to a wonderful pencil and charcoal drawing of 'The Man and His Steed'.

He started to say it, but stopped and asked in a very quiet voice 'Do we have horses in our family?' He was very relieved when I told him that it was still part of the family, but only because it had been drawn by his great grandfather over 100 years ago.

Sharon said...

That is great! I hope my kids or future grandchildren show an interest one day!


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