Friday, September 25, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 25 September 2015

My post is a little late today as it's school holidays in my neck of the woods and I have been involved in grandmotherly activities. Now that I'm back from a 4 hour round trip to see two of the youngsters perform in a concert I can switch my focus from the furutre to the past.

Thansk to Shauna Hicks for her mention of GeniAus' Gems in her Diary post this week - I am sure it drove some readers my way.

This week one of the posts I read stands out because it was the result of of thought, analysis and testing on the part of the geneablogger who wrote it. Recently I wrote a post "" - that's what Shelley's post did.

1. The top post (IMHO) this week is one of a series of three witten by my mate Shelley in the ACT.

2. Denise makes a strong case for having just one Family History folder in Evernote

3. I have followed this photo blog about my home city for several years. This is the first time I can recall there being a post about a cemetery.   

4. Kerrie, ne of my former colleagues in education loves reading too. How are you progressing this year?

5. Laurie is an author I met at Hawkesbury Library. She poses an interesting question here.

6. If you live near Brisbane you shouldn't miss one of Alex's Friday posts.

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Shelley Crawford said...

Thank you Jill for your very kind words. I wrote the posts in the hope they would be useful for other people. It's good to know they've hit the mark!


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