Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pimping my Blog

A couple of weeks ago Alex Daw challenged geneabloggers to Pimp their Blogs. I praised the idea, committed to some pimping and then got caught up in other geneamatters.

Yesterday I received an award that came with a sparkly new image I wanted to add to my blogs, so instead of dealing with the mess around me this morning, in a fit of vanity I added the image to three of my blogs. While I was over at Wordpress I added and removed some widgets to The GeneaDictionary and CurryAus, the changes aren't great but they are an improvement.

When I got here to Blogger I looked at my header and decided it was time for a change. That old header contained an image of leaves (related to trees) and the title and subtitle of the blog but it didn't say much about me and I was getting sick of green anyway.

Out with the old
I spent way too long over at Canva creating a new header using a favourite photo of mine from this year. It's not a fancy photo (try lining up 11 kids who are desperate to eat the treasure they found in the family Easter Egg hunt) but it means a lot to me. The subjects are my 11 grandchildren who are very precious to me; having a photo of youngsters reminds us that I not only look to the past but I look towards the future; it says something about who I am and  about the people around me. I'm not 100% happy with the new header but I couldn't spend all day on it.; I need to chase up more ancestors and their stories to share with my little people.

While I was pimping I got rid of a bit of green and substitued it with blue, a colour I prefer. I moved my widgets around but couldn't bear to part with any of them. I also spent some time updating my Pages which were crying out for attention.

So my blogs have had a Spring Clean - thank you Alex.

Does your blog need a facelift?


Melody Lassalle said...

I really like the facelift! Your new header looks great! I updated the Research Journal earlier this year because the old theme wasn't mobile friendly. I am pleased with the results. Now I have to work on YourIslandRoutes which is a much larger project.

Alex Daw said...

Jill it looks great and I'm so pleased you love the new look. 11 grandchildren!! I am very impressed and would be very proud too :)

Jana Iverson Last said...

Looks great Jill! What a lovely photo of your adorable grandchildren!

Lizzie said...

Love it!!

Jennifer Jones said...

Love the new look Jill. Also love the photo of your grandchildren. Can only imagine how dificult that must have been to get. you've got me thinking about a new look for my blog also. Hmmmm


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