Monday, September 21, 2015

One of my fave programs just got a whole lot better

This is not really about genealogy but the product in question is a great tool for the genealogist.

Whilst I use Librarything to record all the books (including genealogy ones) I have read and those I own that are still to be read I have always wished that I could record the movies I watch in a similar program.  I have dabbled with a few other options but I prefer Librarything.

I just about danced for joy when on their blog last week the good folk from Librarything annoounced  on their blog that they are bowing to the wishes of their users and making it possible to search a few online music and movie catalogues to add details of these works therein to Librarything.

So in between backing up my genie files to a couple of hard drives today I did a search of my diary (it's an excel spreadsheet) to find any entries with the word movie in them.  What is scary is that I can't remember half of the first 20 movies I found. It only takes a few seconds to find the movie from the Amazon (UK) catalogue or whichever catalogue you nominate and zap them into my Librarything account. Once that is done I can add ratings, reviews and tags just like I do for my books. I could even do it for my music if I felt inclined.

My love for Librarything has gone up another notch ( I'm sure there must be some genealogy related movies I can add.)

If you haven't heard about Librarything take a look at these earlier posts of mine:


Alex Daw said...

This is very exciting news Jill. I was only looking for this very function a couple of months ago and settled for something less effective so I shall go back and have another go. Hoorah!

Caitie G said...

For some reason I just couldn't get into Library Thing. I use GoodReads for books :)

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Good news Jill. I have my database of books I own/owned in Librarything....which means it now needs editing. in recent times I've been using GoodReads for the books I read, especially library books. I liked Collectorz which let me add my computer program CDs, music, videos, and maps and it recognised books that LibraryThing didn't but it was an offline program and I don't think you could export the data.


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