Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm a winner - You can be too

I am a winner because I am off to Rootstech in 2016.  Although I have attended this event several time its gloss does not lose its sheen. I get to meet old friends, make new ones, hear some world class speakers, interview some interesting folk and, if I can spare the time, do some research in the Family History Library.

Additionally I have been selected as both a Rootstech Speaker and a Rootstech Ambassador - that will make me doubly busy but will bring more than double the fun. I have been given the graveyard shift on the Friday for my panel session "GS2384 - Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas in an Online World" where I will be joined by some fellow Genealogy Rockstars.  It is excitiing to see my Speaker Bio (we had to make them short) online. The Ambassadors' bios are yet to come.

You can be a winner because, as one of my Ambassador perks, I have a Rootstech Registration to give away. In the next few days I'll think up some sort of simple competition for my Rootstech Giveaway.   Watch this blog for further details later in the week.

My first ever Rootstech Interview with the late Joan Miller, and Jay Verkler (Familysearch CEO) in 2011

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TravelGenee said...

Great you are speaking again. Is it an online or offline ethical dilemma thinking bad things because the Internet is so slow at home you can't blog so are forced to read genealogy blogs on your iPad?


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