Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I love youse all

After one of his career triumphs Australian World Champion Boxer Jeff Fenech uttered the immortal words "I love youse all".

I am borrowing Jeff's phrase and sending it out to all those genimates who supported me in my crazy Sunday GeneaGala Day of Google Hangouts on Air. I had the most awesome time and thank all of you for being there with me.

There is not way I would have made the Finish Line without the support of my genimates DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ who are Hangout on Air experts. Thank you for staying with me and providing moral and technical support during the wee hours (in your timezone). Your generosity knows no bounds. How can I ever thank you?

I don't know how many took part in the Hangouts but I was most grateful that I wasn't left alone on air at any time. Thanks to those who added to the conversations by posting comments in the chat areas of the events. What I found confirming was that I could see that right through the twelve hours we had people watching us on Youtube. Each and every one of you made a contribution to the day,

We all did our bit to support National Family History Month downunder.

If you wish to see the Hangouts you can view them via the GeniAus Community on Google+ (you need to join) or on my Youtube Channel.


Alex Daw said...

It was fun Jill...thanks for giving us the oppirtunity to share our genegold.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

You were an inspiration Jill, and very brave to take it on. I just wish that pre-departure activity hadn't precluded greater involvement.


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