Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Book of Me - Getting back on the bike

I have fallen disastrously behind with my entries in The Book of Me Blogging Challenge but I am determined to get back on my bike and catch up.

To that end I am entering all of the prompts I have missed into Blogger as drafts and I hope that I can catch up with them over the coming months.

Today's prompt on Technology is right up my alley so it will be a good place to rejoin my Book of Me Journey.

Judy Russell in her superb keynote addres at the recent Rootstech Conference emphasized the importance or recording our personal history for future generations. Watching Judy's presentation online from my cruise ship gave me a bit of a wake up call and reminded me to get back into blogging my stories.  The Book of Me activity devised by Julie Goucher gives one such an opportunity.

It's never too late to commence this activity so how about joining in and sharing your trips down memory lane?


Sharon said...

Strangely enough I have been thinking about writing down some of my life story as well. Not sure when it will get done. My blog post for this week is taking soooooo long. Look forward to reading yours.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

me too Jill...don't even know how far behind I am!


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