Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rootstech from Adelaide, South Australia

I've settled down in my cabin on board "Voyager of the Seas" and have tuned into the Rootstech live feed.

I started to watch some person, Carolyn, give a presentation that is really an informercial for a product she is selling. I found this rather disappointing as I was hoping to hear from someone who 'does' genealogy not someone who is pushing a particular product.

Carolyn then disappeared from my screen and was replaced by a sponsor ad. Now what I am seeing is a Rootstech graphic. Maybe I should have gone ashore in Adelaide but, as an Official Rootstech blogger I felt as though I should stay on board ship and join the Rootstech party via the livestreamed videos.

It's not live here - it's dead as a dodo

If you want an Aussie perspective on what's happening at Rootstech then you should read the latest blog post from Fran who was the winner of the free Rootstech registration in my recent competition. 

Also doing a wonderful job of keeping me (and several million others) informed is my fellow geneablogger, Amy Coffin. As I was unable to connect via Webex to the pre Rootstech Media Dinner I found that Amy's stream of  Tweets kept me informed and made me feel as though I was in Salt Lake City with my geneablogging mates.

I have my Rootstech tshirt here with me on the ship and will be donning it for our Rootstech function tonight. The folk from Rootstech have made a recording of some of the sessions available to the organisers of our Unlock the Past Genealogy cruise. I hope that we have more luck when we gather to watch the recording tonight than I am having from my cabin right now.


PlantDrEMBonmece specifica said...

Turns out it the scheduled LIVE presentation was actually prerecorded earlier today. Some of us figured out it started about min 33 on the current "live" stream. @RootsTechConf finally started tweeting the same info about 1/2 way through the hour.
Hey there from southcentral WA State.

Hilary Gadsby said...

Jill the live stream was fine for the previous talk but I think it was prerecorded for Daniel.

TravelGenee said...

Jill, thanks for mentioning my Rootstech post. It's is really appreciated. I still have a post to do on the last sessions I attended. Yes I thought some of the talks were more of a sales talk so tried to miss these ones. Fran.

Alex moner said...

Carolyn, give a presentation that is really an informercial for a product she is selling. guttering adelaide


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