Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Help Please

I must get my act together for the Ku-ring-gai 2014 Seniors' Festival as I will be presenting two workshops on the program.

Firstly on Wednesday 12 March my topic is Sharing Your Story In Small Bites: Write a Blog. Should you wish to join me in the Gordon Library Meeting Rooms for this event please contact The Ku-ring-gai Historical Society for bookings:  Phone 02 9499 4568 between 10am-2pm or email:

On the next Wednesday 19 March I will be talking about Free Websites for Genealogy and History. The venue for this talk will also be the Gordon Library Meeting Rooms.

Hopefully I can convince a few community members of the benefits of blogging and show them some websites that might help with their research. I am looking forward to meeting new enthusiasts at these events.

The full festival program can be downloaded from here:

Now I need your help. I have many fabulous genealogy related websites that I often highlight in my talks and I also follow some pretty special travel and niche blogs. During my talk I want to highlight not only genealogy blogs but other interesting and quirky blogs that tell stories. I have a few faves (many written by genealogists) but would appreciate suggestions.

If you were in my shoes what super story telling blogs would you share.



Kerrie Anne Christian said...

Mark Schenk is a colleague of mine who is with Annecdote - we have spoken at the same knowledge management conferences. He is ex-airforce and now consults on business storytelling - some of the following is a bit esoteric - however slides 14 - 15 in the link below I think are very relevant to focusing on facts and losing the thread ...

Kerrie Anne Christian said...

a couple more links from my KM Storytelling PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) System

and a personal lesson in storytelling vs death by powerpoint

Unknown said...

Hi Jill,

Have you come across It is quirky, with frank explanations of parts of our daily lives.

Some examples (the first one is genealogy-related):

The posts are long, but entertaining :)

And a sometimes fascinating, sometimes quirky daily photo blog is at


GeniAus said...

Thanks for the links, lots to check out already. Thanks also to Jenny from Ku-ring-gai Historical Society who gave me something at our tech meeting today.

Infolass said...

Hi Jill,
Some example of stories for you:

Wikinorthia (documents stories from Melbourne's north) has a great contribution from Kevin who has recounts stories from his life at
I love his use of Australian language which is increasingly no longer common.

You may also like to look at the Singapore Memory Project out of the Singapore National Library
Best wishes for your talk, Regards Liz


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