Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's so nice when people take notice

In one of my crankypants phases the other day I shot a message on Twitter off to @Kiama Library as they had posted a list of blog posts like the group below that they sent out yesterday.

Kiama Library tweets 3 Feb 2014
I find it annoying when these automated posts appear on my Twitter stream all in a row (there were about six the other day) and wish that those responsible would combine them into something like "We just posted a series of  fabulous photos to Facebook. Please take a look at ........". 

Surely one Tweet would have more impact than a series of similar posts that are repetitive (and boring?) and a trifle SPAMMY.

This whinge is along the lines of what I posted the other day about a similar practice on Facebook in a post entitled "How much is enough?"

I must acknowledge the @KiamaLibrary's Sunday tweeter who sent off  polite and hasty response to my tweet. Thanks you for your good natured response to my suggestion.

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